Flange Connection Of Valves
- Dec 03, 2018 -

This is the most used form of connection in the valve.

By the combination surface shape can be divided into the following: 

1, smooth type: used for low pressure valve.

Processing is more convenient

2, Bump type: High working pressure, can use medium hard washer

3, Tenon Groove type: can be used plastic deformation of the gasket, in corrosive media use is more extensive, sealing effect is better.

4, trapezoidal groove type: With elliptical metal ring as washer, so that the working pressure ≥ 64 kg/square centimeter valve, or high temperature valve. 

5, Lens Type: Washer is the shape of the lens, made of metal.

High pressure valves for working pressure ≥ 100 kg/cm, or high temperature valves. 

6, O-Ring type: This is a relatively new form of flange connection, it is with the emergence of a variety of rubber o-rings, and developed, it in the seal effect of the connection form.