Flanged End Ball Valve

  • Q41 Flanged End Ball Valve

    Q41 Flanged End Ball Valve

    ​Q41 Flanged End Ball Valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. It only needs to be rotated 90 degrees and a small turning torque to close tightly.Read More
  • Electric Ball Valve

    Electric Ball Valve

    Electric ball valves are widely used in industrial control factors of food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, paper, chemical, teaching and research equipment, power and other industries.Read More
  • Flange Ball Valve

    Flange Ball Valve

    The Flange Ball Valve and the gate valve are the same type of valve. The difference is that the closing member is a ball, and the ball rotates around the valve body to achieve a valve that opens and closes. The Flange Ball Valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut,...Read More
  • 6 Inch Ball Valve

    6 Inch Ball Valve

    ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad
    Fire Safe to API607 (Optional)
    Anti-static Device (Optional)
    Pressure Rating:ANSI 150Lb 300Lb
    Material:WCB、CF8、CF8M 、Super duplex S.S etc.
    Read More
  • 8 Inch Ball Valve

    8 Inch Ball Valve

    Main application: The products are widely used in oil, gas, chemical, electric power metallurgy, lifting, water supply, auto ship manufacturing oil-water road heating system control, foodRead More
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