Welded Ball Valve

1. 3PC ball valve. It is available with threaded ends , socket weld ends , clamp ends or quick clamp ends
2.It can be equipped with a manual handle or with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Product Details


Welded ball valves are widely used in various fields. Their superior quality and high performance stability are not achieved by ordinary cast steel ball valves. The service life of all welded ball valves is far greater than that of cast steel ball valves. All welded ball valves are widely used in city gas. , urban heating, petrochemical, shipbuilding, steel, pressure regulating stations, power plants and other types of pipeline equipment.

Technical characteristics:

1. The valve body structure is welded integrally without any external leakage.

2. The valve seat is composed of PTFE sealing ring and spring. It has strong adaptability to pressure and temperature changes and will not cause any leakage within the scope of use.

3. The anti-leakage structure of the valve stem, the bottom of the valve stem has a PTFE self-sealing gasket and an O-ring seal. There are two O-rings and two PTFE gaskets on the top to ensure no leakage.

4. The valve body material is the same as the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress, and it will not be deformed by earthquake and when the vehicle passes through the ground.

5. The valve body is light and easy to keep warm.

6. Directly buried ball valve can be buried directly in the ground. It is not necessary to build a large valve well. It only needs to set up a small shallow well on the ground, which greatly saves construction costs and engineering time.

7. The length of the valve body and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted according to the construction and design requirements of the pipeline.

8. The processing precision of the sphere is very precise and easy to operate, without any interference.

Features & Benefits :

1.Blow-Out Proof Stem
2.Compact assembly
3.Full port design, small fluid resistance
4.Locking device available

5.Three-piece design for fast   ,economical in line maintenance

6.ISO5211 standard direct mounting   actuator



1.Temperature   Range: -40~180 ℃

 (104 ℉  to 356 ℉ )
2.Max Working Pressure: 1000psi


Body:stainless steel304/316, WCB



Ball Stem:304/316

End  Connections:

1.Threaded -- 1/4"-4"

2.Tri-Clamp --1/2" to 3"

3.Butt Weld  --1/4" to 4"

4.Flanged  -- 1/4"-4

Typical   Applications:

Air Drying Equipment
Pollution Control Equipment
Process Control Applications
Laundry Equipment
Textile Dyeing & Drying
Bottling & Dispensing Equipment
Ink & Paint Dispensing
Industrial Compressors
Chemical Process Industry
Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry

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