3PC Ball Valve

  • Q11 3PC Ball Valve

    Q11 3PC Ball Valve

    ​Q11 3PC Ball Valve is suitable for cutting or connecting the medium in the pipeline on various pipelines with PN1.0~4.0MPa and working temperature -29~180°C or -29~300°C. Different materials can be used for water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid and other media.Read More
  • Electric Actuator Ball Valve

    Electric Actuator Ball Valve

    Electric actuator ball valve is an important actuators in industrial automation control systems. The electric ball valve is a valve that rotates around the axis of the valve stem according to this movement of the valve flap.Read More
  • Floating Ball Valve

    Floating Ball Valve

    ​The ball of the floating ball valve is floating. Under the action of the medium pressure, the ball can generate a certain displacement and press on the sealing surface at the outlet end to ensure the sealing of the outlet end.Read More
  • 1.5 Inch Ss Ball Valve

    1.5 Inch Ss Ball Valve

    The 1.5 Inch Ss Ball Valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium. Ball valves are a new type of valve that is widely used. It works by rotating the valve plug to make the valve unblocked or occluded.Read More
  • Pneumatic Ball Valve

    Pneumatic Ball Valve

    Pneumatic ball valve is a ball valve with a pneumatic actuator. The pneumatic actuator performs at a relatively fast speed. The fastest switching speed is 0.05 seconds/time, so it is usually called a pneumatic quick cut-off ball valve.Read More
  • Welded Ball Valve

    Welded Ball Valve

    1. 3PC ball valve. It is available with threaded ends , socket weld ends , clamp ends or quick clamp ends
    2.It can be equipped with a manual handle or with pneumatic or electric actuators.
    Read More
  • Fully Welded Ball Valve

    Fully Welded Ball Valve

    Fully welded ball valve, widely used in urban gas underground pipelines, natural gas transmission pipelines, pressure regulating stations and other fields. Over the past 30 years, through continuous research and innovation, as well as the quality of products.Read More
  • Ball Valve 1000 Wog Psi

    Ball Valve 1000 Wog Psi

    Q11F series internal thread ball valve could be divided into one piece type, two pieces type and three pieces type. Valve body is forged with advanced technology, with rational construction and good appearance.Read More
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